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2014 Camp Card Fundraiser

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Camp Card

Important LHC Sale Dates:
Units Register to Sell Cards (NOW)
Unit Chairman Sales Training & Camp Promo Jan 22,27,30 Flag Plaza & Eburg
Cards and Sales Plans distributed at February Roundtable or at Council Offices
Sale Ends MAY 16
Payments Due/Settle Up Account No Later Than MAY 23rd for 50% Commission. After May 23rd, Cards can not be returned. Any damaged cards will not be returned.

LHC is excited to announce the 2014 Camp Card!
The Camp Card Sale is designed to help Scouts earn their way to Summer Camp, Day Camp, The Summit, Sea Base, or to add funds to their personal account. The Camp Card is a coupon card that entitles the user to several discounts at local businesses.

Units participating in this program earn 50% commission ($2.50) for each $5.00 Camp Card that is sold.
The remainder of the funds will benefit the camping programs of the Laurel Highlands Council, BSA and pay for the production costs of the cards.

Register online NOW to secure your cards!
Completely Risk-Free, any cards not sold can be returned to the council offices by April 25th. After the 25th, cards will not be returned.

Sell Scouting, Not Just Discount Cards!
Families should understand that they are not just selling discount cards, but selling Scouting – a summer camp experience that will reinforce Scouting’s aims of character development, citizenship training and personal fitness in youth. Be sure to emphasize that each card sold helps a Scout go to camp. The greatest likelihood for a successful camp card sale is having everyone know they are supporting Scouting. Scouts can sell the card to friends, family, and people in their communities who may want to take advantage of the discounts and help Scouts earn their way to camp!

Cards Pay For Themselves!
A customer can purchase a Camp Card for only $5, but they’ll receive far more in value! If a customer regularly visits any of the stores listed on the cards and uses all of the discounts, they will be receiving all of their money back – plus they will be helping Scouts go to summer camp!

Contact your Program Executive with questions or for further details.
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